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Conference Presentations & Guest Appearances

The following lists all the professional conference presentations I have given to share my research in early modern communities. I have also been a guest speaker multiple times for various academic podcasts and professional panels.


Kolias, Christina. “‘Mother of science’ : Eve, Plants, and Ecofeminism,” Society for Renaissance Studies Biennial Conference, 20 July 2023, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, England. Conference Presentation.

Natural Pond

Kolias, Christina. “ ‘Mother of science’ : Reimagining Milton’s Eve as an Ecofeminist,” 2023 
Multidisciplinary Graduate Conference in Premodern Studies at the Newberry Library, 18 January 2023, Virtual Workshop Presentation on “Affect, Agency, Alterity.”

Pose at Protest

Kolias, Christina. “Loden’s Wanda and Shakespeare’s Ophelia: PTSD as Feminist Lyric and Protest,” Popular Culture Association (PCA) 2022 Conference, 14 April 2022, Virtual Conference Presentation.

Table scape with pumpkins, portions, spell books, and candles.

Kolias, Christina. “Hamlet and Macbeth: Shakespeare’s Appropriation of Graeco-Roman Witch Tropes,” The Renaissance Conference of Southern California 65th Annual Conference, 19 March 2022, The Huntington Library, San Marino, CA. Virtual Conference Presentation. 

Colorful Books

Kolias, Christina. “‘My power?’ : Virginity and Self-Actualization in Measure for Measure,” The Acacia Group 2022 Graduate Student Conference, 18 March 2022, CSU Fullerton. Fullerton, CA. Conference Presentation. 

"End System Racism" cardboard protest sign

Kolias, Christina. “‘Made to write [man] “whore” upon’ : Othello, Racecraft, and the Hypersexual Attack on the Black Male Body,” Theoretical Futures in Shakespeare Studies Graduate Student Symposium, Shakespeare Association of America, 21 February 2022, Virtual Conference Presentation. 

"The Future is Female" protest sign

Kolias, Christina. “Gender on the Periphery: Androgyny and Feminist Politics in Antony and Cleopatra,” Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA) 118th Annual Conference, 11 November 2021, Sahara Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Conference Presentation. 

Shakespeare Globe

Kolias, Christina. “‘My power?’ : Virginity and Self-Actualization in Measure for Measure,” The 23rd Annual BritGrad Conference, 23 August 2021, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Virtual Conference Presentation. 

Student Life

 “SAH Student Worker Panel.” Claremont Graduate University, Office of Student Engagement, Christina Kolias, Katherine Rutz-Robbins, and Evita Wang, 05 August 2021.

Podcast Microphone

Maverick, Chris, et al. “PCA – 2021 Recap.” Vox Popcast, John Darowski, Christina Kolias, and Maggie Yankovich. 08 June 2021.

Comic Books

Kolias, Christina. “For the Love of Will: Visual Feminism and Aesthetics in Kill Shakespeare,” Popular Culture Association (PCA) 2021 Conference, 03 June 2021. Virtual Conference Presentation. 


Kolias, Christina. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Rereading and Rewatching Shakespeare in Feminist Theology,” The Acacia Group 2021 Graduate Student Conference, 16 April 2021, CSU Fullerton. Fullerton, CA. Virtual Conference Presentation. 

Podcast Microphone

“Fireside Chat #3.” Claremont Graduate University, Graduate Student Council, Nicole Dawson and Christina Kolias, 23 Nov. 2020.


Kolias, Christina. “‘By my troth, I am sick’: Typologies of Lovesickness in Shakespeare’s The Taming of The ShrewTroilus and Cressida, and Much Ado About Nothing,” Virtual Humanities and Social Sciences Student Research Symposium, 30 April 2020, CSU Fullerton. Fullerton, CA. Virtual Conference Presentation. 

Birds flying at sunset

Kolias, Christina. “Bite Me Baby One More Time: Sexual Consciousness and Erotic Desire in
Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” The Acacia Group 2019 Graduate Student Conference, 22 March 2019, CSU Fullerton, Fullerton, CA. Conference Presentation.

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