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Editorial and Technical Writing Experience

The following lists my qualifications as an editorial assistant, technical writer, and constitutional consultant through various appointments at CSU Fullerton and Claremont Graduate University. 

Fountain Pen

Technical Writer & Constitutional Consultant, Graduate Student Council, Executive Board Team, Claremont Graduate University

September 2020 - May 2021

I served as the chief draftsman to ensure consistency of the Graduate Student Constitution and By-Laws at Claremont Graduate University. I continually monitored, updated, and refined the GSC Constitution and By-Laws to ensure that the literature aligned with GSC’s initiative of Diversity and Inclusion to combat systemic racism and to strengthen and connect its student body through in-person, virtual, and digital communities. I worked closely with the Dean of Students Office, as well as the Constitutional Committee Team where I also served as a member. I checked that all constructive changes fit in line with CGU’s quadripartite transformation strategy of policy modernization, digital transformation, data driven decision-making, and organizational restructuring. My finals edits passed with an unanimous decision from the student body and I concluded my position with a newly ratified Constitutional document to be implemented for the GSC 2021-2022 Executive Board.

Laptop Writing

Editorial Assistant Intern, University of California Press, Boom California Journal

May 2016 – August 2019

My time with Boom California allowed me to utilize my thorough and efficient writing, reading and proofreading skills. I continuously demonstrated my abilities to properly edit academic and professional works from acquisition to publication. I acquired expertise in knowing how to contact and obtain permissions from academic sources for journal use. Additionally, I maintained regular correspondence with my editor-in-chief and fellow editorial assistants.

Boom California was also featured in the OC Register:

Editorial & Technical Writing Experience: Projects
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